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Underpinning everything a company or organisation does is the work of its managers. Hence, an organisation's management processes need to be constantly evaluated to ensure they are providing managers with the tools and systems they need to deliver coherent guidance and leadership. The ability of managers to take the organisation forward in its declared direction also depends, partly, on the culture of the organisation. Solution Management, through its expertise with Organisational Development, brings culture and processes together into a cohesive force that leads to real and sustained advantage.

Since management has its own dependencies and constraints as well as its own contribution, management processes have to be seen in the context of the whole organisation. Hence, management processes are inextricably linked with structure, controls, culture and human resources within the company and with the environment and external stakeholders outside the company.

In today's global economy it is not enough to stand still. Firms need to constantly evolve, which means managing change, adopting new technologies and being innovative. In turn, this requires a proactive team approach by management aligned to a strong strategy embedded in a secure yet nimble culture.

Large firms tend to have separate departments for Human Resources, Customer Services, Strategic Planning, Operations, etc and find difficulty in reacting quickly to change and in aligning these departments to a common aim. Small firms can react more quickly but may lack the skills and time to clearly define the role and needs of each discrete segment. In either case, Solution Management can help you take an independent holistic view to ensure management processes are working together.

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