Solution Management



Providing a quality product or service that meets or exceeds customers' expectations is what brings them back for more. Repeat customers are essential to the long-term sustainability of a company or organisation so it makes sense to look after them.

Quality occurs in many areas and all these areas need to be addressed to create a competitive advantage. Quality may come in the form of compliance with statutory regulations, inspection, processes, procedures, internal and external service level agreements, a trained and competent workforce, etc. It is closely related to the culture within the company or organisation and cannot therefore be divorced from management processes.

One of the most tangible signs of a positive attitude to quality is the ISO 9000 logo on a company's notepaper and outside their premises. Gaining this prestigious ISO 9000:2000 award is not easy. Solution Management can help you put in place the documentation and advise on further measures that need to be implemented prior to assessment by an approved agency.

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